ADAMANT Improvement Proposals (AIPs) describe standards for the ADAMANT Messenger platform, including core protocol specifications, and client APIs.


First review AIP-1. Then clone the repository and add your AIP to it. There is a template AIP here. Then submit a Pull Request to ADAMANT's AIPs repository.

AIP status terms

AIP Types

AIPs are separated into a number of types, and each has its own list of AIPs.

Standard (16)

Core (0)

Improvements requiring a node update.

Networking (0)

Internode communications updates.

Interface (0)

Includes improvements around client API/RPC specifications and standards.

API (2)

API endpoint specifications.

ARC (14)

Application-level standards and conventions, including URI schemes, library/package formats, and wallet formats.

Informational (0)

Describes an ADAMANT design issue, or provides general guidelines or information to the community, but does not propose a new feature. Informational AIPs do not necessarily represent community consensus or a recommendation, so users and implementers are free to ignore Informational AIPs or follow their advice.

Meta (1)

Describes a process surrounding ADAMANT or proposes a change to (or an event in) a process.