AIP 2: URI Format for ADAMANT Source

Author Dmitriy Soloduhin, Pavel Anokhov
Status Accepted
Type Standards
Category ARC
Created 2018-05-02

Simple Summary

A standard way of creating ADAMANT URIs for various use-cases.


URIs embedded in QR-codes, hyperlinks in web-pages, emails or chat messages provide for robust cross-application signaling between very loosely coupled applications. A standardized URI format allows for instant invocation of the user’s preferred wallet application and simplifies usage.


Help integrating ADAMANT into the World. Standartise QR-codes between different ADAMANT Messenger realizations.



ADAMANT URIs contain “adm” in their schema (protocol) part and are constructed as follows:

request                 = "adm" ":" address [?parameters]
address                 = string
parameters              = (argument=value[&])*
argument                = uri encoded string
value                   = uri encoded string


address is mandatory and starts with U letter. It should follow ADAMANT address format.

parameters is optional argument-value pairs and defines specific actions to be done with following address. Some specifications should follow in consecutive ARCs.

Commonly known parameters:

  • label is a contact name. Often used on business cards.




This ARC is needed to ensure that all ADAMANT Messengers realizations support same URI format.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.