AIP 5: Rich Content Messages Source

Author Dmitriy Soloduhin
Status Accepted
Type Standards
Category ARC
Created 2018-06-09
Requires 4

Exchanging Rich Content Messages across different clients.

Simple Summary

Extending messages with Flexible Rich Content.


Define a specification of Rich Content messages, so that various clients can handle them.


Rich messages are encrypted as specified in AIP-4.

To mark message as Rich text, put 2 value in type field of transaction asset.

Rich Message must be a JSON object, sent within message field of transaction asset. It required to have type field with string value, describing how to handle it. Additional AIPs should be created for different Rich Text type handlers. Optional field text_fallback can be added to show explanation text messages on clients that doesn’t support this Message Type.

Rich messages should be shown in chat streams as ordinary messages, but their content, and theirs rendering process will be defined by corresponding Rich Message type.

Clients shouldn’t render unsupported or unknown message types, instead they must show a message about unsupported rich message type and/or text fallback if it is available.


Structure of transaction asset:

chat: {
  own_message: "HEXIFIED_NONCE"
  type: 2

Field message should contain encrypted JSON of Rich Text. Below shown a base structure of Rich Text JSON object. It may have any other fields, only type field is required.



  "transaction": {
    "type": 8,
    "amount": 0,
    "senderId": "U15677078342684640219",
    "senderPublicKey": "e16e624fd0a5123294b448c21f30a07a0435533c693b146b14e66830e4e20404",
    "asset": {
      "chat": {
        "message": "70cbd07ff2ceaf0fc38a01ef9...",
        "own_message": "e98794eaedf47e...",
        "type": 2
    "recipientId": "U7972131227889954319",
    "timestamp": 46116887,
    "signature": "8fc2a54604109a6fcdccec2..."

Sends Rich message describing In-Chat Ether transfer.


Rich messages, such as different objects/ media / crypto transfers, should be handled in same way between different clients.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.