AIP 7: Contacts List Source

AuthorAlexander Kiselev
Requires 3

Storing Contacts list in the ADAMANT blockchain.

Simple Summary

Define a way to store Contacts (i.e. user-defined aliases for the ADAMANT addresses) in the blockchain.


In order to improve user experience, ADAMANT clients should provide a way to assign aliases to the addresses user interacts with. These aliases needed to be stored in the ADAMANT blockchain in order to be accessible from any ADAMANT client.


Contacts list is stored as a JSON object in the ADAMANT KVS as described in the AIP-3. The KVS key is contact_list.

The keys of the above JSON are ADAMANT UIDs, values are objects, where aliases are stored in the displayName property.


    "U9821606738809290000": {
        "displayName": "John Doe"
    "U9821606738809290001": {
        "displayName": "Jane Doe"

Other properties besides displayName may be added to values to store various contact details.

Note, that contacts lists may contain sensitive info and, therefore, needs to be encrypted (see AIP-3).

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.