AIP 16: Quote/reply messages Source

Author Aleksei Lebedev
Status Draft
Type Standards
Category ARC
Created 2022-02-18
Requires 5

Simple Summary

Adds Quote/Reply-to message possibility for ADAMANT Messenger apps.


A message which sent in reply to other message must be stored with reply-to indetificator.


To make sure all ADAMANT Messenger apps interpret Quote/Reply-to messages in the same way, a standard needed.


When sending a message in a reply to other message (quote), a client must send ADM rich message as described in AIP-5 and include replyto_id field. See syntax below.

A client which receives such a message, can process it different ways. A typical scenario:

  • Decrypt a message (identified by id) and get replyto_id
  • If replyto_id message (transaction) is not stored in local database, fetch it from blockchain and decrypt
  • In chat, show message id with replyto_id message text as quoted
  • Check if local database stores all the message history since replyto_id message, and fetch them, if not. It’s important because there should be no gap between locally stored message and replyto_id message.
  • Click/tap quoted text: Scroll to replyto_id message
  • Consider that replyto_id message may not exist, or belongs other sender, or not decryptable
  • Consider that replyto_id message may be an ADM simple transfer


Accordig to AIP-5, field must contain encrypted stringified JSON. For quote/reply, this JSON includes replyto_id and the message itself.

Below shown structure of message object:

  replyto_id: String
  reply_message: String

Object’s fields as described:

  • replyto_id — ADM transaction ID of a message which a user replies to. Mandatory.
  • reply_message — Text of a reply. It may include nested JSON (i. e. Crypto transfer). Mandatory.


Object before encryption, sending “I’ve got it. Will be there in time.” message in reply to 7452709338464950789 ADM transaction:

  "replyto_id": "7452709338464950789",
  "reply_message": "I've got it. Will be there in time."

Object before encryption, sending 0.002 ETH in reply to 7452709338464950789 ADM transaction:

  "replyto_id": "7452709338464950789",
  "reply_message": {
    "type": "ETH_transaction",
    "amount": "0.002",
    "comments": "I like to send it, send it",
    "hash": "0xfa46d2b3c99878f1f9863fcbdb0bc27d220d7065c6528543cbb83ced84487deb"

Full transaction after encryption from U15677078342684640219 to U7972131227889954319 looks like:

  "transaction": {
    "type": 8,
    "amount": 0,
    "senderId": "U15677078342684640219",
    "senderPublicKey": "e16e624fd0a5123294b448c21f30a07a0435533c693b146b14e66830e4e20404",
    "asset": {
      "chat": {
        "message": "70cbd07ff2ceaf0fc38a01ef9...",
        "own_message": "e98794eaedf47e...",
        "type": 2
    "recipientId": "U7972131227889954319",
    "timestamp": 46116887,
    "signature": "8fc2a54604109a6fcdccec2..."


Quote/Reply-to messages must be handled in same way between different clients.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.